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UK CH Gydo van’t Belgisch Schoon at Ebontide CC, RCC, CE
Male Belgian Groenendael 


Dam: UK CH Charbonny Forever CC, RCC
 Charbonny Oasis  (M) 3/20/1996
 Charbonny Oteetee  (F) 3/20/1996
 Charbonny Ozone of Belshadow (EP)  (M) 3/20/1996

Dam: UK CH Delark Moonbeam at Munark CC, RCC
 Delark Blaze of Glory  (M) 2/18/1996
 Delark Fleurette at Foryd  (F) 2/18/1996
UK CH Delark Ace of Spades CC, RCC, CE (F) 2/18/1996
 Delark Island Gale  (F) 2/18/1996

Dam:  Ebontide Faberge CC, RCC
 Ebontide Here I Am  (M) 10/24/1994
 Ebontide Hit the Heights  (M) 10/24/1994
UK CH Ebontide Infatuation CC, RCC, CE (F) 1/16/1996
 Ebontide Impact JW (M) 1/16/1996
 Ebontide Impromptu  (M) 1/16/1996
 Ebontide Innuendo  (F) 1/16/1996
 Ebontide Indiscreet  (F) 1/16/1996
 Ebontide In Black  (F) 1/16/1996
 Ebontide Just In Black at Valkira  (F) 5/13/1997
 Ebontide Jump Jet  (M) 5/13/1997
 Ebontide Jump the Gun  (M) 5/13/1997
 Ebontide Jump for Joy  (F) 5/13/1997

Dam: UK CH Foryd Palesa CC, RCC
 Foryd Jappaloup  (M) 11/19/1994
UK CH Foryd Joyau Noir de la Nuit CC, RCC, CE (F) 11/19/1994
UK CH Foryd Jai CC, RCC, CE (F) 11/19/1994

Dam: UK CH Gina du Clos du Cher at Benelux CC, RCC, CE
 Benelux Aria of Baudwin CC (F) 9/26/1995
 Benelux Annoushka  (F) 9/26/1995
 Benelux Aramist  (M) 9/26/1995

Dam: UK CH Jalus Bee Joyful CC, RCC
 Jalus Leeping Around  (F) 4/22/1994

Dam:  Sultane de l’Ouchenee 
UK CH Ebontide Lady in Black CC, RCC (F) 4/3/1999
S AGCH Ebontide Lady Luck LP1 (F) 4/3/1999
 Ebontide Mona Lisa  (F) 4/30/2000
 Ebontide My Nightrunner LP1, MH (F) 4/30/2000
 Ebontide Minuet at Jetaime CC, RCC (F) 4/30/2000

Dam: UK CH Tanje Starlight Silhouette of Xelbi CC, RCC, JW, CE
 Xelbi Foreign Ambassador  (M) 2/11/1994
 Xelbi Foreign Agent RCC (M) 2/11/1994
 Xelbi Dutch Descendent  (M) 8/10/1994
 Xelbi Dutch Debutante RCC (F) 10/8/1994
 Xelbi Distinctly Dutch CC, RCC, CE (F) 10/8/1994
 Xelbi Dutch Dreamer  (F) 10/8/1994

Dam:  Vanistica Blue Moon at Tredreas RCC
 Tredreas Dutch Debutante  (F) 11/12/1998
 Tredreas Dutch Orchid at Hawksflight  (F) 11/12/1998
 Tredreas Dutch Design at Breezelyn  (M) 11/12/1998
 Tredreas Dutch Impression  (M) 11/12/1998

Dam: UK CH Vanistica Cornish Affair CC, RCC, CE
UK CH Vanistica Brie de Meaux CC, RCC (F) 2/26/1998
 Vanistica Jarlsberg  (M) 2/26/1998

Dam:  Vanistica Over the Moon at Corndael RCC
 Corndael Secret Assassin  (M) 4/6/1994

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