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BISS, BIS, Am & Can CH Snowflower Voila Sharvonne CD, HIC, TD, C/O/P-BAR
Male Belgian Tervuren 


Dam: Am CH AfterShock Ladyhawke 
Am CH Sharvonne Night Sky’s Raptor  (F) 2/25/1994

Dam: Am CH AfterShock Miwok Princess C/O-BAR
UCD, Am CH AfterShock Divine Dream UD, TD, NA (F) 4/14/1989
Am CH AfterShock Field of Dreams CD, HIC (M) 4/14/1989
Am CH AfterShock Jewel of a Dream  (F) 4/14/1989

Dam: Am CH Ambregai’s Against the Wind CD, HIC
Am CH Ques-Que-Ce The Dark is Rising NA, CGC (F) 11/3/1991
Am CH Ques-Que-Ce Knight of Sorcery CDX (M) 11/3/1991

Dam: Am CH Charisma’s Risque Roxanne HIC
Am CH Picturesque Risque Bizness CD (M) 12/16/1987
Am CH Picturesque Premier Exhibit CD (M) 12/16/1987
Am CH Charisma’s Oh So Picturesque CD (M) 12/16/1987

Dam: Am CH Co-Ra-Lanes Beau-Ja-Renee 
 Mar-Bo-Jac Photos n Memories AKC ptd (F) 10/10/1993

Dam: Am CH Ember Glo’s Apache Sundance C/O-BAR
Am CH Ember Glo’s Don’t Talk Back CD, HIC, CGC (F) 9/12/1992
Am CH Ember Glo’s Full Throttle CD, PT, NAP, C/P-BAR (M) 7/1/1993

Dam: Am CH Heathlynn’s Aktion Pak Bounce CDX, HT
 Aktion Pak Dominik-Rex AKC mjr ptd (M) 2/18/1993

Dam: Am CH Hi Times Classic O’ Blue Sky CDX, HIC
 Charmant Ami Blu Sky Shining CD, AKC ptd (M) 1/14/1988
 Blue Sky Chelsea CD, AKC ptd (F) 3/2/1989
Am CH Blue Sky Classique Cachet CD (F) 3/23/1989
Am CH Blue Sky Dark Shadows  (F) 3/23/1989

Dam: Am CH Liberte’s La Belle Amie C/O-BAR
Am CH Liberte’s Justa Sweet Victory  (F) 2/21/1989

Dam:  Madera Midnite Cabaret AKC ptd
 Madera Trick or Treat  (F) 10/31/1991
Can CH Midnite Quantum Leap  (M) 10/31/1991

Dam:  Snowflower Im Just Magee AKC mjr ptd, C/O/P-BAR
Am CH Snowflower Tuceau de Sharvon CDX, AX, AXJ, PT, P-BAR (F) 9/12/1989
Am CH Snowflower Beau Reve Sharvon CD, HS (M) 9/12/1989
Am CH Sharvonne Lunars Lord Lupine  (M) 4/15/1991

Dam: Am CH Snowflower Lisa Aristolight CD, HIC, C/O-BAR
Am CH Snoflower Moonraker Sharvon UD, Can CD, HIC (M) 5/14/1985
Can OTCH, UUD, Am & Can CH Sharvon A Blaiz’n Snowflower UDX, HIC (M) 5/14/1985
Am CH Sharvonne Tanzy Snowflower UD, HIC, O/P-BAR (F) 5/14/1985
Am CH Sharvonne A Ruby Snowflower CD, HIC, O-BAR (F) 5/14/1985

Dam: Am CH Snowflower Night Sky’s Songbird HSAs, AX, AXJ, MXP2, MXPB, MJP3, MJPB, OF
Am GCH Night Sky’s Belgae Great Horned Owl HSAs, MX, MXB, MXJ, MXP, MJP2, OF (F) 11/2/2008

Dam: Am CH Tri Sorts Nike de Loup Noir CD, C-BAR
Am CH AfterShock Ladyhawke  (F) 9/18/1990
Am CH AfterShock Ping Arthur CDX (M) 9/18/1990
Am CH AfterShock Akasha  (F) 9/18/1990
Am CH AfterShock Merlin Le Mage CD (M) 9/18/1990
BIS, BISS, Am & Can CH AfterShock Margaine Le Fey CD, C-BAR (F) 9/18/1990
Am CH AfterShock MonAmi Leto CD (F) 9/18/1990

Dam: Am CH Up Tempo Hi Jinks CD, HIC, C/O-BAR
Am CH Ques-Que-Ce Windwalker Pilot TD, HIC (M) 3/6/1986
Can OTCH Ques-Que-Ce Chase CloudsAway UD, HT, HIC (M) 3/6/1986
UUD, Am CH Ques-Que-Ce Windancer UD, OA, HT, C/O-BAR (F) 3/6/1986

Dam: Am CH Yessit Casual Affair CDX, TD, HIC
BIS, BISS, Am CH Rougemont Yessits Allstar CDX, TT, HIC (M) 7/12/1986
Am & Can CH Rouge Mont (Rougemont) A Rendezvous CDX, NA, HIC, TT (F) 7/12/1986
UACH, UCD, Am & Can CH Rougemont Ah C’est Moi CDX, TDX, Can CD, Can TDX, NA, FDX, HIC (F) 7/12/1986

Compiled from PawVillage records on 12/11/2018


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