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Am CH Windrushs Mika of Broadcreek CGC
Male Belgian Malinois 


Dam: Am CH Broadcreek’s Faire Rosalind 
Am CH Broadcreek’s Bring It On CD, RE, CGC (M) 9/8/2001

Dam: Am CH Broadcreek’s Fancy Dancer 
Am CH Broadcreek’s Lover Boy  (M) 11/10/1995
BISS, Am CH Broadcreek’s Hoosier Knight CGC (M) 11/10/1995
 Broadcreek’s Home Run AKC mjr ptd (M) 11/10/1995
 Broadcreek’s Strait from the Hip  (M) 11/10/1995
 Broadcreek’s Sugar and Spice  (F) 11/10/1995
Am CH Broadcreek’s Putt’n on TheRitz  (F) 11/10/1995
Am CH Broadcreek’s Silver Screen NA (F) 11/10/1995
Am CH Broadcreek’s Ivanhoe  (M) 2/28/1997
multi BIS, Am CH Broadcreek’s Gus of Leelinaw  (M) 2/28/1997
Am CH Broadcreek’s Kick n The Pants  (M) 2/28/1997
 Broadcreek’s Aro  (M) 2/28/1997
 Broadcreek’s Killer  (M) 2/28/1997
 Broadcreek’s Mac Zeus  (M) 2/28/1997
Am CH Broadcreek’s Sunsational  (M) 2/28/1997
 Broadcreek’s Mac Kito  (M) 10/18/1997
 Broadcreek’s Foxy Lady II  (F) 10/18/1997
Am CH Broadcreek’s Back In Black  (F) 10/18/1997
 Broadcreek’s Shadow  (F) 10/18/1997
 Broadcreek’s Virginia Dancer  (F) 10/18/1997
Am CH Broadcreek’s In Like Flint  (M) 10/18/1997
UCD, Am CH Broadcreek’s Raisin’ Cain UDX, RN, OA, NAJ, FDCh, CGC, HOF (M) 10/18/1997
Am CH Broadcreek’s Dressed In Black  (F) 10/18/1997
 Broadcreek’s Ichiro  (M) 5/13/2001
 Broadcreek’s Ringside Rumor  (M) 5/13/2001
 Justice (AKC DL88227209)  (F) 5/13/2001
Am CH Broadcreek’s Fancy Lace  (F) 5/13/2001
 Broadcreek’s Kai AKC ptd (F) 5/13/2001
 Broadcreek’s Sam Sammie  (M) 5/13/2001
Am CH Broadcreek’s Titus of Taliesin BH, CD, RN, CGC (M) 5/13/2001
 Broadcreek’s Dante  (M) 5/13/2001
 Broadcreek’s Belle Zoe  (F) 5/13/2001

Dam: Am CH Broadcreek’s Gidget’s Got Ya 
 Broadcreek’s Saphy Daphy Doo  (F) 10/25/1996
 Broadcreek’s Gonna Get Ya  (M) 10/25/1996
Am CH Broadcreek’s Seal of Approval  (M) 10/25/1996
Am CH Broadcreek’s Intimidator  (M) 9/1/1997
 Broadcreek’s Kira Kai AKC ptd (F) 9/1/1997
 Broadcreek’s Omega Sunrise  (M) 9/1/1997
Am CH Broadcreek’s Distraction  (F) 9/1/1997

Dam: Am CH Broadcreek’s Got The Moves 
Am CH Broadcreek’s Stir’n It Up  (M) 3/24/1994
Am CH Broadcreek’s High Tech Image  (F) 3/24/1994
Am CH Broadcreek’s Gidget’s Got Ya  (F) 3/24/1994
Am CH Broadcreek’s Tip Toe’n Tesla  (F) 3/24/1994
 Broadcreek’s Nikita  (M) 3/24/1994
Am CH Broadcreek’s Rock-n-Roll  (M) 3/24/1994
Am CH Broadcreek’s Classey Lady  (F) 3/24/1994
 Broadcreek’s Pheonix of L Sin  (M) 5/11/1995
Am CH Broadcreek’s Sassy  (F) 5/11/1995
 Broadcreek’s Moon Doggy  (M) 5/11/1995
Am CH Broadcreek’s China Doll  (F) 5/11/1995
 Broadcreek’s Chaos at Sundown AKC mjr ptd (F) 5/11/1995
Am CH Broadcreek’s Peach’s and Cream  (F) 5/11/1995
 Broadcreek’s Apache Star AKC ptd (M) 3/28/1996

Dam: Am CH Broadcreek’s Lassie Of 
Am & Int CH Broadcreek’s Mortal Kombat CD, RN, TDI, CGC (F) 9/14/2001
 Broadcreek’s Storm  (M) 9/14/2001
MACH2, PACH Broadcreek’s Starburst Britney MXG, MJG, MXP3, MXPB, MJP3, MJPB, PAX, XF, T2BP (F) 9/14/2001

Dam: multi BIS, BISS, Am GCH Broadcreek’s Mirabella HOF
Am CH Taliesin’s Aria of Alouette  (F) 11/15/2001
Am CH Taliesin’s Puccini  (M) 11/15/2001
Am GCH Taliesin’s La Boheme  (F) 11/15/2001
Am CH Taliesin’s Flying Dutchman SAR (M) 11/15/2001
 Taliesin’s Tosca AKC ptd (F) 11/15/2001

Dam:  Broadcreek’s Misty du Tonnerre AKC ptd
 Broadcreek’s Spirit n The Wind  (F) 2/9/2002
 Broadcreek’s Wednesday’s Dawn  (F) 2/9/2002

Dam: Am CH Broadcreek’s Movin On 
Am CH Broadcreek’s Movin On Up  (F) 5/2/1995
Am CH Broadcreek’s Dax of Black Tower  (M) 5/2/1995
Am CH Broadcreek’s Crystal Palace  (F) 5/2/1995
 Broadcreek’s Kristal  (F) 5/2/1995
 Broadcreek’s Best of Indiana  (F) 5/2/1995
Am CH Broadcreek’s X-Tra Special  (M) 5/2/1995
 Broadcreek’s Misha  (M) 5/2/1995
Am CH Broadcreek’s Zak of Sundown  (M) 5/2/1995

Dam: Am CH Broadcreek’s Peach’s and Cream 
 Broadcreek’s Stryker of Flashpt AKC ptd (M) 8/28/1997
 Broadcreek’s Mighty Balen  (M) 8/28/1997
 Broadcreek’s Bruno the Brave  (M) 8/28/1997
 Broadcreek’s Shake Rat’l n Roll  (F) 8/28/1997
Am CH Broadcreek’s Lassie Of  (F) 8/28/1997

Dam: Am CH Broadcreek’s Shining Star 
Am CH Broadcreek’s Lone Ranger  (M) 5/1/1998
Am CH Broadcreek’s To The Max  (M) 5/1/1998
 Broadcreek’s Bud Lite  (M) 5/1/1998
 Broadcreek’s Abigale Crawford Goff  (F) 5/1/1998
 Broadcreek’s Caribbean Star  (F) 5/1/1998
 Broadcreek’s Xena  (F) 5/1/1998
Am CH Broadcreek’s Blazing Ember HIC (M) 2/23/1999
 Von Highlanderhaus Chico  (M) 2/23/1999
 Broadcreek’s Katie Nicole  (F) 2/23/1999
 Broadcreek’s Storm of Sharview  (F) 2/23/1999

Dam: Am CH Broadcreek’s Tally Ho 
Am CH Gone To Ground’s Lucky Jorji  (M) 1/3/1996
 Gone To Grounds Natasha  (F) 1/3/1996
 Gone To Grounds Jake  (M) 1/3/1996
 Gone To Grounds Jacques  (M) 1/3/1996
 Gone To Ground’s Riker Thor  (M) 1/3/1996
Am CH Gone To Ground’s Hunted Bunny  (F) 1/3/1996
 Gone To Ground’s Tiny Tim  (M) 4/16/1997
 Gone To Ground’s Duke David L AKC mjr ptd (M) 4/16/1997
 Gone To Ground’s Elmo  (M) 4/16/1997
 Gone To Grounds Brussels  (M) 4/16/1997
 Gone To Ground’s Marshallpaul  (M) 4/16/1997
 Gone To Ground’s  (M) 4/16/1997
 Gone To Ground’s Duke  (M) 4/16/1997
 Gone To Ground’s Misty Morn AKC ptd (F) 4/24/1999
 Gone To Ground’s IV  (F) 4/24/1999
 Gone To Ground’s Red Cloud  (M) 4/24/1999
 Gone To Ground’s Ben  (M) 4/24/1999
 Gone To Ground’s Robo  (M) 4/24/1999

Dam: Am CH Broadcreek’s Tip Toe’n Tesla 
 Broadcreek’s Buddy  (M) 8/23/1997
 Broadcreek’s (AKC DL70940302)  (F) 8/23/1997
 Broadcreek’s Josie’s Dancin II  (F) 8/23/1997
Am CH Broadcreek’s Josie’s Dancin  (F) 8/23/1997
Am CH Broadcreek’s I’m the Boss  (M) 8/23/1997

Dam:  Crossroads Chasing Thunder SchHIII, AKC mjr ptd
 Broadcreek’s Misty du Tonnerre AKC ptd (F) 8/25/1999
 Liberty’s Big Mac du Tonnerre RN (M) 8/25/1999
 Colt du Tonnerre  (M) 8/25/1999
Am CH Broadcreek’s Bubba du Tonnerre  (M) 8/25/1999

Dam: Am CH Gone To Ground’s Hunted Bunny 
 Gone To Ground’s Luna III NAJ (F) 9/5/1998
 Gone To Ground’s Rocky  (M) 9/5/1998
 Gone To Ground’s Zorro II  (M) 9/5/1998
 Gone To Ground’s Babe  (F) 9/5/1998
 Gone To Ground’s She Got Faith  (F) 9/5/1998

Dam:  Windrushs Hornbecks Melody 
Am CH Broadcreek’s One More Chance  (M) 11/26/1994
Am CH Broadcreek’s Pet Detective  (M) 11/26/1994
Am CH Broadcreek’s Mikayla Medicine-Woman  (F) 11/26/1994
Am CH Broadcreek’s Flashpte Storm  (F) 11/26/1994
Am CH Broadcreek’s Jazz’n Jasper  (M) 11/26/1994
 Broadcreek’s Doc of the Bay  (M) 11/26/1994

Dam: Am CH Windrushs Star of Broadcreek 
Am CH Broadcreek’s Star Trek  (M) 2/27/1997
Am CH Broadcreek’s Orian  (M) 2/27/1997
 Broadcreek’s Andromeda  (F) 2/27/1997
 Broadcreek’s Kaya of Knoblick  (F) 12/12/1998
 Broadcreek’s You Don’t Know Jax AKC mjr ptd (M) 12/12/1998

Compiled from PawVillage records on 1/23/2019


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