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BIS Multi BISS/AOM Sel Am/Can CH Avatar Luck of the Draw Am/Can CD, RN,
Male Rottweiler 


Dam: SG Rated Can CH Akamai Time Turner RE Caro RNCL RL1 CGN TT HIC
Can CH Mokobreeze of Pure Spirits  (F) 6/23/2010

Dam: Ch D’Oro Solidos Darlin Darla CGC
Am/Can GCH D’Oro Solidos Feliciano Uno CGC (M) 12/30/2006

Dam: CH Deepwoods MS Echo From Etown 
Am/Can CH Deepwoods Keep it Simple Ms Jada CGC, (F) 4/6/2009

Dam: BIS, V3 Rated, Can CH EternalFire’s A Mystery Solved 
 Onyxgold’s I Ain’t No Fool  (M) 4/1/2010
Can CH Onyxgold’s Tomfoolery  (F) 4/1/2010
 Onyxgold’s She’s Nobodys Fool  (F) 4/1/2010
 Onyxgold’s Fools Rush In  (F) 4/1/2010

Dam: MBIS/MBOSS/MBPIS, V1 Rated CSS YS'06 AOM Am/CanGCH Eternalfire’s a Ragin Hotsauce CGN, TT
AM GCH/CAN CH Onyxgold’s Crown Jewel  (F) 12/1/2008
 Onyxgold’s Caryn Queen  (F) 12/1/2008
 Onyxgold’s Commander and Chief RN (M) 12/1/2008
BOSS/AOM BPISS MBPIS Am/Can CH Onyxgold’s Royal Flush  (F) 12/1/2008
 Onyxgold’s Royal Hijinks  (F) 12/1/2008
Can CH Onyxgold’s Dancing Queen  (F) 12/1/2008
 Onyxgold’s Princess Neysa  (F) 12/1/2008
 Onyxgold’s Northern Knight  (M) 12/1/2008
Can CH Onyxgold’s Royal Storm  (F) 12/1/2008

Dam: Am CH Evrmor’s Censation Weinberger HT, PT
 Evrmor Feelin Lucky Weinberger  (M) 10/21/2010

Dam:  Greatheart’s Bold Statement 
 Greathearts Darling Gretchen  (F) 5/11/2005
 Greathearts Dair To Excel  (M) 5/11/2005
 Greathearts Dylan Hugo Von Duesenberg  (M) 5/11/2005
 Greathearts Double On Seven  (M) 5/11/2005
Am CH Greathearts Dare to Dream  (F) 5/11/2005

Dam: V-1, BOSS AOM Am/Can CH Inkahoot’s Moonstruck RO-66255G26F-PI, RO-EL5337F26-PI
V-1 '08 WWR YS, Can/UKC CH, BPIG,AKC maj ptd Von Singh’s Name The Game  (F) 10/3/2006
 Von Singh’s No Deal  (F) 10/3/2006
 Von Singh’s Notorious Nikki  (F) 10/3/2006
 Von Singh’s Axis  (M) 10/3/2006
 Von Singh’s Britney Porche  (F) 10/3/2006
 Von Singh’s Naughty But Nice Canazas  (F) 10/3/2006
 Von Singh Night Stalker Vd Slr  (M) 10/3/2006
 Frazier’s Best Buddy  (M) 10/3/2006

Dam: Am GCH Miss Mattie von Evman RN
BIS BOSS Am/Can GCHB Gold Coin’s All about Me CD RE CS CI (M) 8/16/2010
Am/Can GCH Gold Coin’s Able Warrior CD RE (M) 8/16/2010
Can Ch, Am Grand CH Gold Coin’s American Beauty CD RE BN (F) 8/16/2010

Dam: DC Phantom Wood Evilo CD RN TD HSAc HSBd HXAds
 Evilo Aces Full PT HT (M) 3/15/2006
 Evilo D.O.G  (M) 3/15/2006
 Evilo Dances With Ducks PT (F) 3/15/2006
 Evilo Sage  (F) 3/15/2006
 Evilo Sable Thunder Gray  (F) 3/15/2006
 Evilo Stacked Deck PT (M) 3/15/2006
CH Chestnut Hill Evilo Lucky Draw CDX RN HSAs (F) 3/15/2006
 Evilo Heather of CMF Farm  (F) 3/15/2006

Dam:  Rottidox Panache RN
 Rottidox-Mishon Theseus  (M) 7/19/2011
 Rottidox-Mishon It’s Justified  (M) 7/19/2011
UKC Champion Rottidox-Mishon Miss Avatar  (F) 7/19/2011
UKC-Ch Rottidox-Mishon That’s the Ticket RN-BN RA. CD. HIT. (F) 7/19/2011

Dam: CH Sunbear’s American Idol CGC, CS,CI,CD,RN
 Sunbear’s Capt. Jack Sparrow  (M) 4/6/2008
 Sunbear’s The Great Ziegfeld  (M) 4/6/2008
 Sunbear’s The Return of The King RA (M) 4/6/2008
 Sunbear’s American Beauty  (F) 4/6/2008
CH Sunbear’s Forrest Gump CGC, TT, RN, CS (M) 4/6/2008
 Sunbear’s The Sound Of Music  (F) 4/6/2008
 Sunbear’s Godfather Bruno  (M) 4/6/2008
CH Sunbear’s Chariot of Fire RN (F) 4/6/2008

Dam: Am CH TMC Victorious Natasha for Sissy 
 Unique’s Against All Odds  (M) 9/28/2007
 Unique’s Atta Boy Charlie  (M) 9/28/2007
 Unique’s Ace Up Her Sleeve  (F) 9/28/2007
Am CH Unique’s a Change of Season CGC,TDI, TT, HIT (F) 9/28/2007
V-1, SEL, UKC/Intl Ch, AKC GCh Unique’s Hilma vom Algutshof CD, RN, CGC, HIC, TDI, TT (F) 9/28/2007
 Unique’s A Jager  (F) 9/28/2007

Dam: CH Tubac’s Sex and the City CD,RE,HSA-s,CGC,CS,CI
CH Sunbear’s Solitare CGC CD BN RE HT (F) 9/30/2007

Dam: V-Rated CH VanSach’s Atlantis Meteora 
CH Wright’s Ace in the Hole  (M)

Dam: Am CH Veedoc’s Key Largo BH, CHIC:29949
Am CH Veedoc’s What’s Up Doc  (F) 5/8/2006
Am CH Veedoc’s Dr. Pepper  (M) 5/8/2006
 Veedoc’s What The Dr Ordered 2x Schutzhund 3, CDX, TT, CGC (M) 5/8/2006
 Veedoc’s Voodoo  (M) 5/8/2006
 Veedoc Doctor’s Rx For Success  (F) 5/8/2006
 Veedoc’s Spin Doctor  (F) 5/8/2006
 Veedoc’s Lady Luck  (F) 5/8/2006

Dam: CH Von Marc’s Here For The Party RAE, CGC, BPISS
BOSS GR CH Von Marc’s Quick Draw Eliza Jane RN, CGC (F) 11/6/2008

Dam: BIS/Select CH Von Riddle’s Tequila Rose CGC
CH. Von Klitzen’s Hannah Ace Of Hearts  (F) 5/31/2007
 Von Kiltzen’s Heaven Sent  (F) 5/31/2007
AM/UCI INT CH VonKiltzen’s Incas Gold v Riddle  (M) 3/15/2008

Dam: Am CH Wildhaven’s Jewel of the Desert 
 Wildhaven’s Casino Royale Of Zebi  (M) 9/13/2011
AKC/UKC Ch Wildhaven’s Stardust Casino v Ace  (F) 9/13/2011
GCH CH Wildhaven’s Rivers Casino Saoirse V Ace CA, CGC, TT, CS, RE (F) 9/13/2011

Compiled from PawVillage records on 1/22/2019


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