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MBIS/MBISS AM CH/MBIS CAN CH Highlander’s Austin Powers SD, AOM SHCA'05,09,10, SHCA Top Stud Dog'02,09
Male Siberian Husky 


Dam:  Artic Winds Dakota Abosigard 
 Artic Winds Simply Amazing  (F) 9/19/2000
 Artic Winds Simply The Best  (M) 9/19/2000
 Artic Winds Simply Tyvanki  (F) 9/19/2000
 Artic Winds Simply Divine  (F) 9/19/2000

Dam:  Canyonlands Blue Bayou (iid) 
BISS CH Canyonlands Groovy Baby  (F) 4/2/2009
MBIS AUST SUPR CH Canyonlands Man Of Mystery  (M) 4/2/2009

Dam: AM/CAN CH Chrisdon’s Brown Eyes Blue 
BIS/BIG/BYIS/BPIS SING CH Chrisdon’s Marshall At Hubsville  (M) 8/11/2005
 Chrisdon’s Pompom Power  (M) 8/11/2005
 Chrisdon’s Onyx Drogon  (M) 8/11/2005
 Chrisdon’s Neverending Story  (F) 11/8/2005

Dam:  Coldspot’s Keystone Design 
CH  Keystone’s Designer Genes  (F) 11/14/2000

Dam: PHIL HOF Foxfire It’s My Time 
 Fusion’s World Premiere  (M)
 Fusion’s We Like It Quick  (F)
 Fusion’s We’re Taking Over  (F)

Dam: CH Highlander’s Chantilly Lace 
CH Highlander’s Uptown Girl  (F) 10/6/2000
CH Highlanders Top Gun  (M) 10/6/2000
CH Highlander’s Cisco Kid  (M) 10/6/2000
CH  Highlander’s Temptress Of Jo-Kar  (F) 10/6/2000
CH Highlander’s Bonnie Button  (F) 9/16/2004
CH Highlander’s Polly Esther Groove  (F) 9/16/2004

Dam: AM/CAN CH Highlander’s Chatty Cathy 
CH Tyvanki’s Silver Shenandoah  (M) 1/28/2002
CH Tyvanki’s Silver Wings  (F) 1/28/2002

Dam: CH Highlander’s China Doll 
CH Snoebear’s Coming Attraction  (F) 2/28/2004

Dam: CH Highlander’s Turn The Beat Around SD
 Highlander N Fusions Ruby Tuesday  (F) 7/7/2008

Dam: CH Huskavarna I Hope You Dance 
CH Huskavarna’s Soul Bossa Nova  (M) 6/22/2006
 Huskavarnas Groovy Baby  (F) 6/22/2006
 Huskavarna’s Secret Agent Man  (M) 6/22/2006
CH Huskavarna’s Foxxy Cleopatra AOM (F) 6/22/2006
CAN CH Huskavarna’s Naughty By Nature DOM/TT (F) 6/22/2006

Dam: AUST CH Icepower Tabatha 
AUST CH Canyonlands Independence AI (F) 11/4/2000
 Canyonlands American Pie  (F) 11/4/2000
AUST CH Canyonlands Most Wanted (AI)  (M) 11/4/2000
 Canyonlands Storm Rising (AI) (M) 11/4/2000
 Canyonlands Sante Fe  (F) 11/4/2000

Dam: CH Innisfree Silver Sage 
 Spiritwynde’s I Once Was A Cucumber  (M) 1/26/2003
 Spiritwynde’s Rising Star  (M) 1/26/2003

Dam: AM/CAN CH Jax Aariel’s The First Lady 
AM/CAN CH Jax-Aariel Toast of Cayuga  (F) 1/1/2003
CH Jax-Aariel Auld Lang Syne  (M) 1/1/2003

Dam: CH Jo-Kar’s Classic Jazz 
 Jo-Kar’s O’ Whatta Night  (M) 10/4/2000

Dam: CH Kansa’s Windsong O’Jestar 
AM CH/BIS CAN CH Kansa Stop’n ’Em With One Shot  (M) 12/30/2000
CH Kansa’s Something To Say  (F) 12/30/2000
 Kansa She’s Like The Wind  (F) 12/30/2000

Dam:  Keystone’s Designer Fur 
UKC CH Keystone’s Custom Design (By Jo-Kar)  (F) 8/12/2001

Dam: CH Kristari’s Cookie Cutter 
CH Tyvanki’s Apache Skye  (M) 7/29/1999
CH Tyvanki’s Pokemon Powers  (M) 7/29/1999

Dam: CH Kristari’s Daisy Mae 
 Highlander’s Shagadelic Baby  (F) 11/3/1999
CH Highlander’s Mini MeMe  (F) 11/3/1999
UKC CH Highlander’s Just To Classy  (F) 11/3/1999

Dam: CH Kristari’s Roses Are Red 
 Kristari’s Rosebud Of Yukon Wind  (F) 10/21/2000

Dam: CH Kristari’s Sky’s The Limit Jo Kar 
CH Jo-Kar’s Cinnamon Sinner  (M) 6/21/2006
Am GR CH/Can CH Jo-Kar’s Sierra Snow Angel RN, CGC (F) 6/21/2006
CH Jo-Kar’s Hippie Chick  (F) 6/21/2006
CH Jo-Kar’s Rhode Island Red  (F) 1/25/2008

Dam: CH Kristari’s Sneak Attack 
 MTS One And Only  (M)

Dam: CH Liyaza Relentless 
 Liyaza’s Longest Journey  (F) 5/22/2005
 Liyaza’s Dq Moolatte  (F) 5/22/2005
 Liyaza’s Gettin Jiggy With It  (M) 5/22/2005

Dam: CH Shapali’s Painted Pandemonium 
CH Shadetree’s Read Em-N-Weep  (M) 2/29/2004
CH Shadetree’s Here Kitty Kitty  (F) 2/29/2004
CH Shadetree’s Preach-N-At The Bar  (M) 2/29/2004

Dam: BPISS CH Sidra’s Poetry In Motion 
 Sidra’s After Midnite  (M) 4/30/2003
 Sidra’s Warrior Princess  (F) 4/30/2003
 Sidra’s Eskimo Kiss  (F) 4/30/2003
 Sidra’s Kooper Kasey Brendel WPD (M) 4/30/2003
BISS CH Sidra’s Neslednik ’Q’ Austinovich  (M) 4/30/2003

Dam:  Sno-Magic’s Khovaki Moonshadow 
 Khovaki’s Jackson Hole Of Iceberg  (M) 12/1/2005
 Khovaki’s Light Of The Moon  (M) 12/1/2005

Dam: MBIS CAN CH Snowmist’s Eternal Flame 
BPIS CAN CH Snowmist’s Marigold  (F) 10/31/2004
BIS/BPIS CAN CH Snowmist’s Marguerita  (F) 10/31/2004

Dam: AM/CAN CH Wolvereen I’m Gonna B A Star 
 Austin x Diva  (F) 9/26/2017

Dam: CH Yukonwind’s Kindred Spirits 
BPISS CH Yukonwind’s Red Ryder  (M) 11/18/1999

Dam: CH Yukotund’s Ms C’s Keepsake 
CH Highlander’s Keepin’ the Faith  (F) 9/22/2001
CH Highlander’s Animated Hero SD (M) 9/22/2001

Compiled from PawVillage records on 1/22/2019


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