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MBIS/MBISS AM GR CH/CAN CH Coventry’s Peace Negotiator AOM
Male Siberian Husky 


Dam: INT/JKC CH Arrow Bamboo JP Dream Lady 
MBIS JKC CH Crystal Fountain JP Silver Fox  (M) 10/30/2013
AM CH/JKC CH Crystal Fountain JP Black Diamond  (M) 10/30/2013
AM CH/JKC CH Crystal Fountain JP Silver Moon K  (M) 10/30/2013

Dam: AUS Jr CH Atlanterra Ultra Photo Flash 
 Mahinkana Agent XXX  (F) 12/13/2013
 Mahinkana Another Thunderball  (F) 12/13/2013
 Mahinkana Aston Martin  (M) 12/13/2013
 Mahinkana Auric Goldfinger  (M) 12/13/2013
 Mahinkana A Diamond Forever  (F) 12/13/2013

Dam: CAN CH Bain’s Northern Baraccuda 
 Calahari’s Devils Advocate  (M) 9/12/2008
 Calahari’s Undercover Agent  (M) 9/12/2008
 Calahari’s Sweet Georgia Brown  (F) 9/12/2008
 Calahari’s The Big Teaze  (F) 9/12/2008

Dam:  Chrisdon’s Neverending Story 
CH PHIL Little Drummer Boy Della Contea Normana  (M) 10/1/2009
AM CH/INT CH Lord Of The Ring della Contea Normanna  (M) 10/1/2009

Dam:  Coventry’s Chloe De Nessa 
CH Coventry’s Red Carpet To Mochamo  (M)
CH Coventry’s Lioness Legacy (O’Snocrest)  (F) 10/20/2004
 Coventry’s Wild About Kyle  (M) 10/20/2004
AM/CAN CH Coventry’s Poet Laureate  (M) 10/20/2004

Dam: MBIS CAN/AM GR CH Davik’s Snowmist Ice Fox AOM/CGN
MBIS INT/AM/CAN/LUX/NETH/THAI CH Snowmist’s Quidditch Seeker W'11 (M) 3/20/2009
GCHB Snowmist’s Q Wicca’s Avalanche  (M) 3/20/2009
BIS/BJIS Jr CH LITH/CH LAT/EST/BALT/CAN/MBISS AMCH Snowmist’s Quicksilver Speigas  (M) 3/20/2009

Dam: CAN CH Daviks Have A Nice Day 
CH Davik’s True North  (F) 8/8/2010
BIS BISS CH CAN/MCE/SRB/BU Daviks Silver Mist  (F) 8/8/2010
BIS MBISS AM/CAN CH Daviks Snowstorm Gussit  (M) 8/8/2010
 Davik’s Star Navigator Castor  (M) 8/9/2010

Dam: CH Halizen’s Blizzard Buster 
 Halizen’s Found The Lost Star  (M) 8/11/2015

Dam: CH  Highlander’s Temptress Of Jo-Kar 
CH Snoebear’s Easy Rider  (M) 6/12/2007
CH Snoebear’s Peace Keeper at Knightsno  (M) 6/12/2007
MBISS GR CH Snoebear’s Lady Merrick Of Terkron AOM/RN/CGC (F) 6/12/2007
AM GR CH/CAN CH Snoebear’s Silver Seduction  (F) 6/12/2007
CH Jo-Kar’s Furgalicious  (F) 6/12/2007

Dam: CH Jo-Kar’s B’Tempte’d 
 Jo-Kar’s Power Of Temptation At Vanaca  (F) 8/30/2012
 Jo-Kars From Myths And Legends  (M) 8/30/2012
 Snoebear’s Storm’s a Brewin’  (F) 8/30/2012

Dam: CH Jo-Kar’s Hippie Chick 
CH Jo-Kar Coventry’s Hear Me Roar  (F)
LTU CH/LTU/LV Jr CH Jo-Kar’s Mel For Velnio Malunas  (F) 5/22/2009
 Jo-Kar’s The Mentalist Of Sno Sky  (M) 5/22/2009
CAN CH/AM GR CH Jo-Kar’s Cartier Limited Edition At Mysticlight  (F) 5/22/2009

Dam: CH Kristari’s Sky’s The Limit Jo Kar 
AM/INT CH Jo-Kar’s Legend Of Camelot  (M) 11/23/2010

Dam:  Sno-Song’s Reflection of Highlander 
 Coventry’s 60 Seconds To Happiness  (M)
 Highlander’s Heartquake  (F) 10/14/2011
AM/CAN CH Highlander’s Red Storm Rising  (F) 10/14/2011

Dam: MBIS/MBISS CAN GR CH/Ex AM CH Snowmist’s Legally Blonde AOM/CGN/RN
CH Snowmist’s Urian Hep Arktika  (M)
AM/CAN CH Snowmist’s Ubiquitous  (F) 4/25/2011
INT CH Snowmist’s Uragan Victor Pinto  (M) 4/25/2011
AM/CAN CH Snowmist’s Up the Ante  (F) 4/25/2011
INT CH Snowmist’s Ultimate Inner Vision  (F) 4/25/2011
 Snowmist’s Ugotta Lead The Way  (F) 4/25/2011
LIT/AM/CAN/EST/POL/LAT/BALT/INT CIB CH Snowmist’s Uriah Heep Arktika BJIS LAT/LIT Jr CH (M) 4/25/2011

Dam: CAN CH Snowmist’s Naturally Blonde 
 Snowmist’s Snow Rodeo  (M) 12/2/2009
KOR/THAI CH Snowmist’s Super Sonic Boom  (M) 12/2/2009
MBIS MBISS FIC INT CH/AM GR CH/CAN GR CH Snowmist’s Soda Pop  (F) 12/2/2009
MBIS/MBPIS/MBPISS CAN CH/AM CH Snowmist’s Smooth Ride  (M) 12/2/2009

Compiled from PawVillage records on 4/21/2019


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