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 Brians Polar Blue Blaze 
Male Siberian Husky 


Dam:  Brian’s Arctic Blue Cherry Fawn 
 Nikki Nakita of Fawn  (F) 4/23/2012
 Cahlie K. Guerra  (F) 11/25/2012

Dam:  Brians Arctic Gypsy Star 
 Davids Blue Arctic Akilah  (F) 11/17/2010
 Ice Brenot  (M) 11/17/2010
 Chinook Gypsy Blaze Haag  (M) 11/17/2010
 Blazing Bandit Rockstar  (M) 11/17/2010
 Diesel’s Arctic Black Ice  (M) 11/17/2010
 Tazz Of Blaze 2012  (M) 8/8/2012
 Polar Eclipse Blue Eye Girl Sakari  (F) 8/8/2012
 Kya " Diamond In The Sky"  (F) 8/8/2012

Dam:  Faith Noel 
 Raven XXXII  (F) 10/2/2011
 Willow Faith  (F) 10/2/2011
 Jarvis’ Echo  (M) 10/2/2011

Dam:  Hopp’s Aspen 
 July’s Dream Saghani Tatkret  (M)
 Echo Neo  (M) 12/2/2012
 Buchanan’s Northern Belle  (M) 12/2/2012
 Polar Eclipse’s Blue Fire of Hades  (M) 7/22/2013
 Ramblin Roslynn Rose Of Heyd  (F) 11/4/2015

Dam:  Jezebel Rose Dickens 
 Vader’s Nala  (F) 8/26/2014

Dam:  Mika Tala Storm 
 Stryker Morrell Storm  (M) 3/2/2014

Dam:  Northridges Foxy Lil Momma 
 Buchanan’s Chewbacca  (M) 1/3/2014
 Everlasting Love  (F) 2/21/2015
 Demon LD Hosler  (M) 2/21/2015
 Polar Eclipse Spark of the Blaze  (M) 9/11/2015
 Polar Eclipse Ember Of The Blaze  (F) 9/11/2015

Dam:  Polar Eclipse Night Of The Flower Moon 
 Tanana Polar Eclipse  (F) 1/22/2016
 Nieve Luna  (F) 1/22/2016
 Moughler’s Nanook  (M) 9/5/2016
 Polar Eclipse Xena Of Kawoni  (F) 9/5/2016
 Thunder Jack Giles  (M) 9/5/2016

Dam:  Polar Eclipse Vyani Race To The Shadows 
 Sassy Siberians Titan  (M) 1/14/2017
 Polar Eclipse Misha Princess of the shadows  (F) 5/20/2017
 Sassy Siberians Louis T Ribs  (M) 5/20/2017

Compiled from PawVillage records on 12/17/2018


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