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BISS, DC, Am GCHB Isell’s Itoby OA, OAJ, NF, HSAds, HIAds, HXAds, BCAT, CGC...
Male Belgian Malinois 


Dam: Am GCH Concho’s She’s Like Texas CD, BN, RE, HIC, CGCA, ROM3
Am GCHB Concho’s Gin Smoke Lies BN, RA, CGC (F) 9/10/2015
 Concho’s Tibha  (F) 9/10/2015
 Concho’s It Ain’t the Whiskey BN, RN, CGC (M) 9/10/2015
 Concho’s Nightrain to Tresbecc  (M) 9/10/2015
 Concho’s Beer for My Horses  (M) 9/10/2015
Am GCH Concho’s She’s My Little Whiskey Girl  (F) 9/10/2015
 Concho’s Neon Light  (M) 9/10/2015
 Concho’s Kai is Wastin’ Away in Margaritaville  (F) 9/10/2015
 Concho’s All My Rowdy Friends BN, RN, OA, NAJ, CGC, AKC ptd (M) 9/10/2015
 Concho’s Sun Daze  (M) 9/10/2015

Dam: Am CH De Vel I’Marada 
 De Vel J’Adore T’Bear HXAs, BCAT (F) 8/21/2015
 De Vel Joie de Vivre CGC (M) 8/21/2015
Am CH De Vel Just Living the Dream  (M) 8/21/2015
 De Vel Julienne  (F) 8/21/2015
 De Vel Jayhawk  (F) 8/21/2015
BISS, Am CH De Vel Judgement Day PT, RATN (M) 8/21/2015
 De Vel Jackson  (M) 8/21/2015

Dam:  Fire and Rain du Burr Oak 
 Turicks Rolling Thunder MX, MXJ, OF (F) 6/23/2014
 Turicks Tian-Mu AKC mjr ptd (F) 6/23/2014
 Turicks Red Hot World on Fire OA, AXJ, XF (M) 6/23/2014
Am GCH Turicks High Velocity CD, BN, HIAs, CGC, ROM2 (M) 6/23/2014
Am GCH Turicks Wakiya CDX, HSAd, CGC, ROM2 (M) 6/23/2014
Am CH Turicks Titanium AX, AXJ, HXAs (F) 6/23/2014
Am GCHB Turicks The Power of Amy’s Love  (F) 6/23/2014
 Turicks Kinetic Balance MX, MXJ, OF, TKI, CGCA (F) 6/23/2014
 Turicks Super Atomic Rocket Girl  (F) 6/23/2014

Dam:  Stahlrosenhofs Rhythm Magic 
OTCH, Am CH Stahlrosenhofs Torrential River UDX, OM2, HSAds, HIAds, HXAs (M) 11/19/2014
 Stahlrosenhofs T Mary Magdelene CGC (F) 11/19/2014
 Tennessee Kyra von Stahlrosenhof  (F) 11/19/2014
 Treasured Nicki von Stahlrosenhof  (F) 11/19/2014
 Stahlrosenhofs Touch of Heaven  (F) 11/19/2014
 Tori Laika von Stahlrosenhof  (F) 11/19/2014
BISS, DC, Am GCH Turick Tyka von Stahlrosenhof HSAds, HIAds, HXAds, CGC (F) 11/19/2014
 Stahlrosenhofs Trident of Dare  (M) 11/19/2014
 Stahlrosenhofs Tactical Talon  (M) 11/19/2014
 Stahlrosenhofs Dash  (M) 12/30/2015
 Blitzen (AKC DN44620202)  (M) 12/30/2015
 Vikus von Stahlrosenhof  (M) 12/30/2015
 Stahlrosenhofs Joint Ad Venture of Turick BN, HSAds, AKC ptd (M) 12/30/2015
 Ace von Stahlrosenhof  (M) 12/30/2015
 Valkyrie von Stahlrosenhof  (F) 12/30/2015
 Vesper von Stahlrosenhof CGC (F) 12/30/2015
 Valentia von Stahlrosenhof  (F) 12/30/2015
 Varghoss von Stahlrosenhof CGC (M) 12/30/2015
 Mallie (AKC DN44620204)  (F) 12/30/2015

Compiled from PawVillage records on 2/22/2018


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