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Male Siberian Husky 


Dam: POL Jr CH/POL CH Amadine Fortunatus 
Jr CH A Winter Tale Legend of the Spirit  (F) 11/19/2013
 Arctic Shine Legend of the Spirit  (F) 11/19/2013
 Amazing Grace Legend of the Spirit  (F) 11/19/2013
 A Star is Born Legend Of The Spirit  (M) 11/19/2013
 All or Nothing Legend of the Spirit  (M) 11/19/2013
 At First Sight Legend of the Spirit  (F) 11/19/2013
 Angel Of Glory Legend Of The Spirit  (F) 11/19/2013

Dam: INT/MULTI CH/BIS POL Jr CH Arktogea Emmanuelle 
 Zaltana Soul Snatcher  (F)
 Zaltana Soul Stealer  (F) 11/13/2009
 Zaltana Storm Chaser  (M) 11/13/2009
 Zaltana Shadow Stealer  (M) 11/13/2009
 Zaltana Shadow Snatcher  (M) 11/13/2009
WW'11/Jr Euro Winner'10/POL/SLOV/EST/ROM/UA/DEN CH Zaltana Storm Starter  (M) 11/13/2009

Dam:  Arktogea Viper 
 CAYENNE Jesionowe Góry  (M) 3/14/2009
 CAMEROON Jesionowe Góry  (M) 3/14/2009
 COPACABANA Jesionowe Góry  (F) 3/14/2009
 CUBA LIBRE Jesionowe Góry  (F) 3/14/2009
 Cameroon Jesionowe Gory  (M) 3/14/2009

Dam:  Black And White Of Wolf Point 
 Lady Porshia Galladria Novitaris  (F)
 Genie For Eskimo River Galladria Novitaris  (F) 12/16/2009
 Golden Angel Galladria Novitaris  (F) 12/16/2009
 Giorgio Armani Galladria Novitaris  (M) 12/16/2009
 Gothic Romance Galladria Novitaris  (F) 12/16/2009
 GI Jane Galladria Novitaris  (F) 12/16/2009

Dam:  Ebonyshadow’s Husqvarna Isis 
 Husqvarna Hiara  (F)

Dam: EST/LAT/LIT/BALT/BLR/CZ/UA/RUS CH Essence Of Black Potega Naturalnosci 
 Occhilupo Opale Giallo  (F)
 Occhilupo Ambra Castano  (M)
 Occhilupo Pietra di Luna  (M) 12/15/2010
BPIS Occhilupo Fatale Rubino  (F) 12/15/2010
 Occhilupo Zaffiro Azzurro  (M) 12/15/2010
 Occhilupo Ametista Bacca  (M) 12/15/2010

Dam:  Explorer Miss Spotty 
POL Jr CH Nordic Blue Platinium Star  (F) 2/11/2010

Dam: POL/CZ CH Fama Sadeckie Pieszczochy 
 Imperial Star Sadeckie Pieszczochy  (F)
BISP Imperial Ice Sadeckie Pieszczochy  (F)
 Imperial Rose Sadeckie Pieszczochy  (F)
 Imperial Pearl Sadeckie Pieszczochy  (F)
 Imperial Miracle Sadeckie Pieszczochy  (F)
 Indiana Jones Sadeckie Pieszczochy  (M)
Jr CH BY/UA/RU/CH BY/UA/RU Imperial Angel Sadeckie Pieszczochy 2xBJIS/R. BIS/3xCACIB/4 exl on World Dog Show - 09 (F) 12/10/2007
BIS UK CH La Isla Bonita Sadeckie Pieszczochy SHCM Top Dog 2015 (F) 6/12/2010
CH SK/Jr CH SK Lets Twist Again Sadeckie Pieszczochy  (M) 12/6/2010

Dam: CH Innisfree Fleur De Lis 
Jr WW/POL CH/BISS/BJISS/BJIS/BPIS/Jr CH POL Winter Melody Double Trouble  (F) 7/7/2008
 Winter Melody Yogi Bear  (M) 7/7/2008

Dam: LTU/LAT/RUS CH/LTU Jr CH Lancelot’s Mamma Mia 
 D’Anne Effecta Velnio Malunas  (F)

Dam: BBISS/BPIS POL CH/POL Jr CH Lancelot’s Winter Melody 
 Winter Melody Femme Fatale  (F)
 Winter Melody Faith N Hope  (F)
Multi CH/EJW'11 Winter Melody Fire N Desire  (F) 10/17/2010
 Winter Melody WHERE’S WALLY  (M) 9/10/2011
 Winter Melody Which Witch Is Which  (F) 9/10/2011
 Winter Melody Walking In Memphis  (M) 9/10/2011
 Winter Melody WILL ROCK YOU  (M) 9/10/2011
AM/CAN CH Winter Melody Wild Thing  (M) 9/10/2011
 Winter Melody Wish Upon A Star  (M) 9/10/2011
 Winter Melody WHITE DIAMOND  (M) 9/10/2011

Dam: POL CH Naomi Princess Ksiazeta Polnocy 
 TEQUILA SUNRISE Nitor Nivalis  (F)
LT Jr CH Thunderstorm Nitor Nivalis  (M)
 TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL Nitor Nivalis  (F)
 Teedy Bear Nitor Nivalis  (M) 5/19/2007
 Treasure Hunt Nitor Nivalis  (M) 5/19/2007

Dam: CH POL Oksana Srebro Polnocy 
 MIDNIGHT EXPRESS Silver Luck  (M) 6/7/2009
 MADISON AVENUE Silver Luck  (M) 6/7/2009
 MOULIN ROUGE Silver Luck  (F) 6/7/2009
 MARYLIN MONROE Silver Luck  (F) 6/7/2009
 MONA LISA Silver Luck  (F) 6/7/2009
 Moonlight Shadow Silver Luck  (M) 6/7/2009

Dam:  Qliz Birka 
 Draghunden Jane The Volturi  (F)
 Draghunden Rosalie Hale  (F)
 Draghunden Isabella Swan  (F)
 Draghunden Renesmee Carlie Cullen  (F)
 Draghunden Alice Cullen  (F)
 Draghunden Edward Cullen  (M)

Dam: Multi CH/INT CH Sahara dell Isola dl Vento 
 Doroty dell Isola del Vento  (F)
 Dylan dell Isola del Vento  (M)

Dam: POL JrCH Secret Star Of Wolf Point 
 POLAR EYE OF THE TIGER Galladria Novitaris  (M) 3/26/2009
 PASION LATINA Galladria Novitaris  (F) 3/26/2009
 Pearl of Ice Galladria Novitaris  (F) 3/26/2009
WW/INT/POL/ROM CH Purple Rain Galladria Novitaris  (F) 3/26/2009
 Pasion Latina for Wolf Point Galladria-Novitaris  (F) 3/26/2009
POL CH Pacific Skyline Galladria Novitaris  (M) 3/26/2009

Dam: CAN CH Snowmist’s Naturally Blonde 
RUS CH Zaltana Paws For Applause  (M)
BBIS Ch.Dk Zaltana Pegaso’s Belle  (F)
BIS Int.Ch. Multi Ch. Zaltana Playin With Fire  (M)
POL CH Zaltana Poetry In Motion  (M)
INT/Multi CH Zaltana Punk Rock Princess  (F) 12/23/2010

Dam: CAN/POL CH/POL/SLOV Jr CH Snowmist’s Ostia Of Arktogea 
 Zaltana Just Jammin  (F)
 Zaltana Just Push Play  (F) 8/25/2011

Dam: DK/INT CH KBHV06 NODV07 NORDV Taymyrs Twisted Sister KBHV06/NODV07/NORDV
 Hay Je Ho Batteries Included  (M) 3/24/2010

Dam: DK CH Taymyrs Who The Beep Is Alice KBHV09
DK CH Hay Je Ho Cold Play  (M) 4/21/2012

Dam: Pol JrCH/ Pol CH Under The Moonlight Of Wolf Point 
 La Dam Latea Falkor  (M) 6/21/2012
 La Dam Latea Fantaghiro  (F) 6/21/2012

Dam: BIS EURO Winner/INT/POL CH Winter Melody Here Comes Trouble 
BIS INT CH/POL CH Winter Melody You Are In Trouble  (F) 4/29/2014
 Winter Melody You´re Trouble Free  (M) 4/29/2014
BPIS Jr CH POL Winter Melody You Will Live Forever JE14/JP15PMW15PPW15 (F) 4/29/2014

Dam: BIS/INT CH/SPAN CH/POL CH Winterfrost’s Angel Of Glory 
 Winter Melody Up To Glory  (F)
 Winter Melody El Diablo Rojo  (M) 11/21/2007
CH RUS Winter Melody Once Upon A Time  (M) 4/12/2010

Dam:  Winterfrosts Betty Bop 
 Winter Melody Miss Personality  (F)
 Winter Melody Midnight Madness  (F)
 Winter Melody Miss Dynamite  (F)
 Winter Melody Million Dollar Baby  (F) 1/26/2011

Compiled from PawVillage records on 2/23/2018


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