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multi BIS, BISS, Am & Can CH Bonheur’s D’Artagnan UD, TD, Can CDX, C/O-BAR
Male Belgian Tervuren 


Dam: Am CH Faola de Chateau Blanc C-BAR
 Pinkcliffs Cameo de Fleuryda  (F) 9/20/1973
Am CH Pinkcliffs Cebo de Fleuryda  (M) 9/20/1973
Am CH Pinkcliffs Char de Fleuryda CD (M) 9/20/1973
Am CH Pinkcliffs Chip of Dartagnon CD (M) 9/20/1973
Am CH Pinkcliffs Cinder de Fleuryda CDX (F) 9/20/1973

Dam:  Hi Times Collyn O’Crocs-Blancs 
Am CH Charles de Noir Francais  (M) 12/30/1977

Dam: Am & Can CH Hi Times in Honor of Belle CDX, TD, Can CDX, Can TD
Am CH Exelles Bronze Belle CD (F) 12/23/1973
Am CH Exelles Wee Bristol of Dart CD, Can CD (M) 12/23/1973

Dam:  Hi Times Justa-Bit O’Crocs-Blancs 
 Son Altesse Brandy  (F) 1/19/1977

Dam:  Hi Times O’Dusty O’Crocs-Blancs 
 Hi Times Saturn’s Dusk  (M) 1/3/1977
Am CH Hi Times Ring True CD (M) 1/21/1978

Dam: Am CH Hi Times Ufilou O’Crocs-Blancs 
Am & Can CH Hi Times Zipadeedo O’Sundy CDX, Can CD (F) 7/26/1975
 Hi Times Zoe de Sundy CD, HIC (F) 7/26/1975

Dam:  La Sin Bonheur’s Tamara 
Am CH Hi Times Eros des Crocs-Blancs  (M) 5/23/1971
Am & Can CH Hi Times Erica de Crocs-Blancs UD, TD, Can UD, Can TD (F) 5/23/1971

Dam:  Leistraum’s Andover Amber 
 Buffe des Crocs-Blancs  (F) 1/26/1970

Dam: Am CH Leistraum’s Auburn 
Am CH Jaye’s Truly Scrumtious  (F) 9/4/1969
 Starshine’s Shoman CD (M) 9/4/1969
Can BISS, Am & Can CH Hi Times Sweet Polly Purebred CD, C-BAR (F) 9/4/1969

Dam:  Liberte’s A Flaming Star CD
Am CH Hi Times Get It Got It Good CD, O-BAR (F) 2/20/1976
 Hi Times Glimpse of a Shadow  (M) 2/20/1976
 Hi Times Gotcha Sun Devil CD, TD, HIC (F) 2/20/1976
 Hi Times Git Up n’Go Bronze  (F) 2/20/1976

Dam:  Shady of Sierra Shadows CDX
 Digne of Sierra Shadows UD, TD (F) 8/4/1977
 Damon of Sierra Shadows UD (M) 8/4/1977

Dam:  Sizelle de Landas 
 Hi Times Fireball  (F) 1/25/1976

Dam: Am CH Tanzy de Landas UD, TD, Can TD, C/O-BAR
OTCH, Am CH Hi Times Tops with Theo TD (M) 8/2/1974
Am CH Hi Times Tough Guy UD, TD (M) 8/2/1974
HTCH, Am & Can CH Hi Times Top of the Crop UD, TD, Can UD, Can TD, STDc, OTDsd, C/O-BAR (F) 8/2/1974
Am CH Hi Times T’Regan de Aurora Reve UD, TD, Can TD (F) 8/2/1974
Am CH Hi Times Tell It Like It Is CDX, Can CD (M) 8/2/1974
Am CH Hi Times Exact Combination SchHIII, FH, WH, CDX, TD (F) 12/9/1975
Am CH Hi Times Eagle Spirit of Chato CD (F) 12/9/1975
Am CH Hi Times Ee Ey Ee Ey O CD (F) 12/9/1975
Am CH Hi Times E-Z DuzzIt CD (F) 12/9/1975

Dam: Am CH Tasha la Belle C-BAR
Am CH Hi Times Quirk of Pinkcliffs C-BAR (M) 1/13/1978
Am CH Pinkcliffs Hi Time Quiz CD, TD (F) 1/13/1978
 Pinkcliffs Q’Ramis de Hi Times  (M) 1/13/1978

Dam: Am CH Walendale’s Tabatha CD, C-BAR
Am CH Paulmar’s Cosmic Agena C/O-BAR (F) 1/30/1971
Am CH Paulmar’s Cosmic Apollo CDX, TD (M) 1/30/1971
Am CH Paulmar’s Cosmic Mariner  (M) 1/30/1971
BIS, Am & Can CH Paulmar’s Cosmic Vanguard  (M) 1/30/1977

Dam:  Winjammers I’ma Hi Timer CDX, Can CDX, HIC, C/O-BAR
 Winjammers Pantomime  (F) 12/29/1977

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