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BISS, BIS, Am CH Labelle’s A Liberte C/O/P-BAR
Male Belgian Tervuren 


Dam: Am CH Bilgay’s Lady Fergie of Siedah CDX, C/O/P-BAR
Am CH Bilgay’s Summer Jamboree UD, TDX, NA (M) 9/7/1990
OTCH, Am CH Bilgay’s Summer Storm UDX7, TDX, NA, HS, HIC, C/O/P-BAR (M) 9/7/1990
BISS, Am CH Bilgay’s Summer Thunder CD, NA, HS, TDI (M) 9/7/1990
Am CH Bilgay’s Indian Summer CD (M) 9/7/1990

Dam: Am CH Co-Ra-Lanes Beau-Ja-Renee 
multi BIS, BISS, Am CH Mar-Bo-Jac Kool Hand Luke HIC, CGC, C-BAR (M) 2/27/1990
Am CH Mar-Bo-Jac Too Hot to Touch CD (F) 2/27/1990

Dam: WTCH, DC LaBarge n Epic Some Girls Do HSAdsc, HSBds, HXAs, HXAdM, HXBdM, HSBs, OFTDs...
Am GCH Liberte UR n’ Epic D’LaBarge VCD1, BN, RN, AX, MXJ, PT, CGC (M) 3/1/2010

Dam:  Luisance de Mont Cenis 
Am CH Woodlawn Be A Fancy Liberte  (F) 10/29/1991
Am CH Woodlawn Classic Jewel CD, RN, OA, NAJ, NAP, OJP, PT, CGC (F) 9/5/1992
Am CH Woodlawn Classic Magic Image  (M) 9/5/1992

Dam: Am CH Patana’s Sixth Sense HS, C/P-BAR
Am CH Patana’s Troublemaker AX (F) 7/17/1991
Am CH Patana’s Tearin Around MX, OAJ, HSAs, O/P-BAR (F) 7/17/1991
Am CH Patana’s Trace of Escapade MX, MXJ, MAD, HSAs, HIC (M) 7/17/1991

Dam: Am CH Ques-Que-Ce Win’Storm D’LaBarge CDX, NA, HIC, C/O/P-BAR
UACH Liberte n’ Cognito D’LaBarge CD, AKC ptd (F) 9/2/1991
Am & Can CH LaBarge’s One Night Stand CD, NA (M) 5/3/1993
ADCH, V-NATCH, UACHX, UCDX, Am CH LaBarge’s Outrageous Accent VCD2, MX, MXB, MXJ, AXP, AJP, HS, HSAs, HTD1s... (F) 5/3/1993
Am CH LaBarge’s Other Katie Scarlett NA, NAJ, C/O/P-BAR (F) 5/3/1993

Dam: Am CH Snowflower Chavon CD, C/O/P-BAR
BISS, BIS, Am & Can CH Snowflower Voila Sharvonne CD, HIC, TD, C/O/P-BAR (M) 2/29/1984
multi BIS, Am & Can CH Snowflower Skyy Chateau CDX, Can CD, HIC, C/O/P-BAR (M) 2/29/1984
Am CH Snowflower Deal a Little Magic HIC, C/O/P-BAR (F) 2/29/1984
Am & Can CH Snowflower Trace of Velvet UD, Can CDX, HIC (M) 2/29/1984
OTCH, Am CH Snowflower Brady O’Liberte TDX, HIC (M) 2/29/1984

Dam:  Snowflower Indian Paintbrus UD, TDX
Am CH Encore Tiger Lily CDX, C-BAR (F) 3/14/1985
Am CH Encore Rose of Sharvonne  (F) 3/14/1985
Am CH Encore Impatiens Jasmine BH, WH, UD, TD, HIC (F) 3/14/1985

Compiled from PawVillage records on 12/11/2018


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