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ES, Am, DT, Lux, NL & UKC CH Lanaeken Sam van Balderlo TT
Male Belgian Malinois 


Dam: UUD, Am CH Crossroads Windansa UD, VER, RE, NA, Can UDX, TT, ROM1
OTCH Windansa’s Will to Win UDX3, OM5, VER, CGC, AKC mjr ptd (M) 12/7/2003
 Windansa’s Perpetual Motion CDX, GN, RE, AKC mjr ptd (F) 12/7/2003
 Windansa’s Koda Heeza Troopa  (M) 12/7/2003
 Windansa’s Reflection CDX, BN, GN, RE, AKC mjr ptd (F) 12/7/2003
 Windansa’s XR Royal Legend UDX, OM2 (M) 12/7/2003
 Windansa’s Espirit d’Accord  (F) 12/7/2003

Dam:  Nice van Balderlo 
 Koniaga’s Tina  (F) 12/6/1995
 Koniaga’s Taiga  (F) 12/6/1995

Dam:  Orcha van Bouwelhei 
BW00, EW00, Lux, NL, PL & VDH CH Ubiquo van Bouwelhei  (M) 5/3/1996
 Urga van Bouwelhei  (F) 5/3/1996

Dam:  Quina van Balderlo 
 Vidi van Balderlo  (M) 2/6/1997
 Vici van Balderlo  (M) 2/6/1997
 Veni van Balderlo AKC ptd (M) 2/6/1997

Dam:  Quincy van Balderlo 
 Twiggy van Balderlo  (F) 10/30/1995
 Tigor van Balderlo  (M) 10/30/1995
 Taiga van Balderlo  (F) 10/30/1995

Dam: Am GCH Taliesin’s La Boheme 
Am CH Taliesin Bombardier  (M) 4/27/2006
Am CH Taliesin Best Kept Secret RN (F) 4/27/2006
 Taliesin Bella Lavonia AKC ptd (F) 4/27/2006
 Taliesin Bit-O-Honey  (F) 4/27/2006
 Taliesin Bella Luna  (F) 4/27/2006
Am CH Taliesin Broadrick of Larimore CDX (M) 4/27/2006
Am CH Taliesin Broadway Baby RN (F) 4/27/2006

Dam: Am CH Tresbecc HysTaria of Anduin UD, NA, ROM1, HOF
 Dreamaday’s Desire of Anduin NA, NAJ, AKC ptd (F) 4/5/2002
 Quite a Quandary of Anduin CD, RN, WDXw, WPT2, TT, CGC, AKC mjr ptd (M) 4/5/2002
Am CH Bergen of Anduin CDX, NAJ, HOF (F) 4/5/2002
MACH8 Quantum Leap of Anduin MXC2, MJG3, XF, HOF, AKC ptd (M) 4/5/2002
Am CH Three Alarm Blaze of Anduin CDX, MX, MXJ (F) 4/5/2002
 Celestial Centaur of Anduin UD, RA, MX, MXJ, NF, AKC mjr ptd (M) 4/5/2002
 Angelic Grace of Anduin  (F) 4/5/2002
 Mon Coeur Zeela of Anduin  (F) 4/5/2002

Dam:  Tri Sorts Ethereal 
 Tri Sorts Katja  (F) 2/1/2002
Am CH Tri Sorts Moju  (M) 2/1/2002
 Tri Sorts Spirit  (F) 2/1/2002
Am CH Tri Sorts Cachet  (F) 2/1/2002
 Tri Sorts Otto  (M) 2/1/2002
Am CH Tri Sorts Riccochet RN (M) 2/1/2002

Dam: Am CH Tri Sorts Holly HIC, HOF
Am CH CovePoint’s Blazing Brandy  (F) 3/26/2002
Am CH CovePoint’s Amber Ale  (F) 3/26/2002
Am CH CovePoint’s Abbeye Ale  (F) 3/26/2002
Am CH CovePoint’s Copper Saison  (M) 3/26/2002
 CovePoint’s Sweet Victory  (F) 3/26/2002
 Kata Gift of Enlightenment  (M) 3/26/2002

Dam: Am CH Tri Sorts Jivane 
 CovePoint’s Chesa  (M) 3/22/2004
 CovePoint’s Sabrina (EP)  (F) 3/22/2004
 CovePoint’s Danica  (F) 3/22/2004
Am CH CovePoint’s Ten Forward HIC (M) 3/22/2004
 CovePoint’s Alfie CDX (M) 3/22/2004

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