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Am CH Dali de la Pouroffe CD, HIC, C/O-BAR
Male Belgian Tervuren 


Dam: Am CH Bluehavens Dena Vedette Noir CD, C/O-BAR
Am & Can CH Camarade’s Veiled Vanity CD (F) 11/6/1983
Am CH Camarade’s Veiled Fashion CD (F) 11/6/1983
Am CH Camarade’s Veiled Vendette CDX, HIC, C-BAR (M) 11/6/1983
Am CH Camarade’s Veiled Prophet BH, WH, CDX, TD, HIC (M) 11/6/1983
Am CH Camarade’s Veiled Oman CDX, HIC (M) 11/8/1983

Dam: Am CH Corsairs Fanci Black Magic 
Am CH Horizon’s Bechot de SunDance  (F) 9/30/1989
Am CH Horizon’s Back to the Future CD (M) 9/30/1989
 Horizon’s Bittersweet Legacy SAR (M) 9/30/1989

Dam: Am CH Delira A Land ’O Sky Hi Time CD
Am CH LaTerre du Ciele B Sake Sue CD, HIC (F) 5/31/1985
 La Terre du Ciele Belle  (F) 5/31/1985
Am CH La Terre du Ciele Hi Blair CD (F) 5/31/1985

Dam: Am CH Fiery Imprint’s Brassy Gambler 
Am CH Corsairs Evil Li’l Rascal CD (M) 12/19/1981

Dam: Am CH Hi Times Take Over CDX, C/O-BAR
Am CH Fox Hollow’s KT Darling CDX, STDs (F) 2/22/1983
 Fox Hollow’s Spring Darling CD, Can CD, HIC, AKC mjr ptd (F) 2/22/1983
Am CH Fox Hollow’s Criterion UD (M) 2/22/1983

Dam:  Horizon’s Morning Dew AKC ptd
Am CH Horizon’s Devil in Disguise PT, HCT, TT, CGC (F) 5/31/1992
Am CH Horizon’s Dare to be Different  (F) 5/31/1992

Dam: Am CH Jamaica Bright Horizon CD
Am CH Horizon’s Chase the SunDance  (M) 3/12/1991

Dam: Am CH Jamaica Nemesis UD, TDX, HIC, C/O-BAR
Am CH Jamaica Clock of the Heart CD, TD, HIC (F) 8/8/1984
Am CH Jamaica Lamar CD, HIC, O-BAR (F) 8/8/1984

Dam: Am CH Lena de Mon Plaisir CD, C/O-BAR
Am CH Durango de Mon Plaisir  (M) 2/9/1990
Am CH Dazzling Dawn de Mon Plaisir UD, TD (F) 2/9/1990

Dam: Am CH Sandyhill Ange du Matin 
UCD, Am CH Fierami’s Magical Mischief CDX, TD, HT, HIC (F) 6/10/1986

Dam: Am CH Sandyhill Bardot de Loup Noir C/O-BAR
Am CH Sandyhill Zarina de Loup Noir HIC (F) 7/14/1983
HTCH, Am CH Sandyhill Zarass de Loup Noir HIC, O-BAR (M) 7/14/1983
Am CH Sandyhill Zette de Loup Noir HIC (F) 7/14/1983
 Zahara Khasmin de Loup Noir  (F) 7/14/1983
 Sandyhill Zambra de Loup Noir CD, C-BAR (F) 7/14/1983
 Sandyhill Zsa Zsa de Loup Noir AKC ptd (F) 7/14/1983
HTCH, Am CH Sandyhill Zared de Loup Noir STDds, HIC (M) 7/14/1983

Dam: Can BIS, Am & Can CH Whirlwinds Amber O’FrostFire CD, TD, C/O-BAR
Am & Can CH Corsairs Good News Bear CD (F) 7/19/1982
Am CH Corsairs Gadabout Contessa CD (F) 7/19/1982
Can BIS & BISS, Am & Can CH Corsairs Gaiter Can CDX (M) 7/19/1982
Am CH Corsairs Gigolo  (M) 7/19/1982
Am CH Corsairs Grand Slam  (M) 7/19/1982
Am CH Corsairs Hellon Wheels C/O/P-BAR (F) 10/5/1983
BISS, Am & Can CH Corsairs Hot Rod CD (M) 10/5/1983
Am CH Corsairs Handel of Larkspur CD (M) 10/5/1983
 Corsairs Hobo Rox Can CD (M) 10/5/1983

Dam: HTCH, Am & Can CH Winjammers Hi Time Show Off CDX, Can CD, STDd, HIC, TT, C/O/P-BAR
Am CH Winjammers Cheap Thrills HIC, C/O-BAR (F) 12/9/1983
Am CH Winjammers Clean Sweep CD, HIC, C-BAR (F) 12/9/1983
Can CH Winjammers Calender Girl CD, HIC (F) 12/9/1983
 Winjammers Crescendo HIC (F) 12/9/1983

Dam: HTCH Winjammers True Colors 
 Winjammers Rivera  (F) 8/4/1992
 Winjammers Monet Can CDX, Can TD, STDc, OTDds, AKC ptd (F) 8/4/1992

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