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MBISS AM CH/CAN CH Highlander’s Go For Broke SDX/AOM
Male Siberian Husky 


Dam:  Bralin’s Miss Demeanor 
BISS GR CH Bralin’s Jack Be Nimble SD (M) 11/21/2006

Dam: CH Bralin’s Walkin’ On Sunshine 
 Bralin’s Driving Miss Daisy to Ninkasi  (F)
CH Ninkasi’s Rainbeau’s End At Bralin  (M) 1/2/2010
 Bralin and Mochamco’s Cool Hand Luke  (M) 11/2/2010

Dam: CH Destiny’s Divine Glory 
 Destiny’s Got A Hemi?  (M) 12/21/2008
 Destiny’s Mystical Winter Solstice  (F) 12/21/2008
CH Destiny’s Mirror Mirror  (F) 12/21/2008
 Destiny’s Kiss To Gaia Lykaia  (F) 12/21/2008
BIS/BISS GR RUS CH Destiny’s To Russia With Love  (M) 12/21/2008
BISS CH Destiny’s Bling Bling  (F) 12/21/2008
 Destiny’s Whatever Lola Wants  (F) 6/1/2010
CIB AM/BRL/UKR/IS/DK CH/RW-14/15 Destiny’s Fox In Socks  (M) 6/1/2010
 Destiny’s Alice In Wonderland  (F) 6/1/2010
 Destiny’s Victorious  (M) 6/1/2010
 Destiny’s Glorious  (F) 6/1/2010
 Storybook’s Delicious  (F) 6/1/2010

Dam: BISS AM CH/CAN CH Fanta C’s Miss La Dee Da 
CH Fanta C’s Meant To Be RN (F) 1/1/2009
AM GR CH/CAN CH Fanta C’s Living In The Moment CGC (F) 1/1/2009
AM GR CH/CAN GR CH Fanta C’s Northern Design  (F) 1/1/2009

Dam: CH Highlander’s Keepin’ the Faith 
CH Highlander’s Maska The Price Is Right  (M)
GR CH Highlander’s How Do You Like Me Now  (M) 6/9/2008

Dam: AM/CAN/AUST CH Highlander’s Made In America 
BIS/BISS GR AUST CH Canyonlands Bourbon St (iid) (M) 5/12/2004
 Canyonlands Blue Bayou (iid)  (F) 5/12/2004
BBPISS AUST CH Canyonlands Dixie Chick (iid)  (F) 5/12/2004
AUST CH Canyonlands Johny Be Good iid (M) 12/5/2004
AUST CH Canyonlands Mystik Krewe  (F) 12/5/2004

Dam:  Highlander’s Moonshadow 
CH Anikar’s Canis Major, Cat Minor  (M) 9/6/2004

Dam: CH Highlander’s Sudden Mischief 
CAN CH Highlander’s Vladimir At Seadream CAN WD/CAN SD/TT/AOM (M) 3/29/2006

Dam: CH Highlander’s Turn The Beat Around SD
 Highlander’s Flying Private  (M) 6/1/2009
BPISS BBPISS CAN CH Highlander’s Be My Dream At Kannook SDX/RN/WD (F) 1/13/2011
BPIS/BPISS CH Highlander’s Hijinx At Kasiq RN/CAA/SIN/SEN/TKN/CGC (F) 11/13/2011

Dam: AM/CAN CH Huskavarna’s Careless Whisper 
GR RUS CH Huskavarna’s Raise The Stakes  (M) 1/23/2008
 Huskavarna’s Let It Ride  (F) 1/23/2008
MBISS GCH CH Huskavarna’s Destined To Win  (F) 1/23/2008
CH Huskavarna’s High Roller  (M) 1/23/2008
 Huskavarna’s Break The Bank  (M) 1/23/2008

Dam: CH Indigo’s Ilizabeth II 
CH Indigo’s Imerald City  (F) 12/1/2007
CH Indigo’s If I Only Had A Brain  (M) 12/1/2007

Dam: AM/CAN CH Innisfree Judy Kay 
MBISS GR CH Highlander’s Diamonds R’Furever AOM (F) 11/5/2007
MBISS AM GR CH/CAN CH Innisfree Chuck A Luck  (M) 11/5/2007

Dam: UKC CH Keystone’s Custom Design (By Jo-Kar) 
 Prince Gimli Blu  (M)
 Silari’s Gleaming Rose Designer  (F) 12/15/2005
AM/UKC CH Silari’s Glittered Gold Design(er)  (F) 12/15/2005
 Silari’s Lil Garlanded Designer  (F) 12/15/2005

Dam: CH Kristari Solocha Veronica 
CH Highlander’s Yosemite Sam SD (M) 2/26/2005
 Highlander’s Apache Summer  (F) 2/26/2005
CH Highlander’s Lady Luck  (F) 11/27/2006

Dam: CH Malibu Sunrise Of The Midnight Sun 
CH Desari’s Justice Is Served  (F) 12/7/2009
 Desari Rendezvous at the Midnight Sun  (M) 12/7/2009
 DeSari’s Southern Comfort  (M) 12/7/2009
CH DeSari’s I Will Remember You  (F) 12/7/2009

Dam: GR CH Nahanis Starlyte Vajra 
CH Nahani’s Maiya  (F) 6/9/2011

Dam: CH North Wind Of The Midnight Sun 
INT/MNE/AZ/GAZ/MKD/XGE/MLD/BULG CH/MNE GR CH Highlander’s Gone With The Wind  (M) 5/12/2010
 Deal Me In Of The Midnight Sun  (M) 12/22/2010

Dam: BIS/BISS Multi CH Oumiak’s Oasis Shadrin 
IT/BOSN CH Oumiak’s A Wonder Ahoy  (M) 6/21/2005
BIS/BISS INT/BOSN CH Oumiak’s Advance to Go  (F) 6/21/2005
 Oumiak’s Argenta Oasis  (F) 6/21/2005
FCI CH Oumiak’s Amanda Hug’N Kiss  (F) 6/21/2005

Dam: CH Qudos Everyone Knows Its Windy 
 Qudos Million Dollar Man  (M) 10/8/2010

Dam: CAN CH Sarabe’s Annie Oakley 
THAI CH DSI’s Monte Carlo  (M) 5/17/2006
 DSI’s Girl Next Door  (F) 5/17/2006
THAI CH Lanna’s Everything But The Girl  (F) 5/17/2006
 DSI’s Black Eyed Peas  (F) 5/17/2006
THAI CH DSI’s Everything But The Girl  (F) 5/17/2006

Dam: BBIS CAN CH Sherakan’s I’m On My Way WD/DOM/AOM/TT
MBPISS CH Sherakan’s Devil In Disguise TT (F) 10/18/2006
MBISS/BPIS/BBIS CAN CH Sherakan’s Once In A Lifetime AOM (F) 10/18/2006
 Sherakan’s Polar Express  (M) 10/18/2006
 Sherakan’s Brilliant Akeela  (F) 10/18/2006

Dam: CH Siberlink’s Once In Love With OA/OAJ
CH Taiga’s Dark Side Of The Moon  (M) 12/15/2010
CH Taiga’s A Million Love Songs  (M) 12/15/2010

Dam: CH Snocrest’s Bianca Lionessa 
 Snocrest’s Leaves You Breathless  (M) 5/20/2011

Dam: BIS BBE CH Snocrest’s Lioness Destiny 
CH Snocrest’s Leone di Notte  (M) 9/11/2010
 Snocrest’s Finn McCool  (M) 9/11/2010

Dam: CH Snoebear’s Coming Attraction 
 Snoebear’s Dark Knight  (M) 2/28/2008

Dam: CH Starrgazer’s Emily Dickinson 
GCH Starrgazer’s Princess Mushie Girl  (F) 8/23/2007
 Starrgazer’s Mirabile Visu RN, CGC (F) 8/23/2007
GCH Starrgazer’s Hope Is The Thing  (F) 8/23/2007

Dam: BISS GR CH Starrgazer’s T’Pol Of Krykan 
CH Krykan’s Headed For The Future  (M) 4/27/2008

Dam: CH Suveran’s Alyeska SD/WPD
 TouchMeNot’s Amizette SDX/WPD (F) 6/25/2007
CH TouchMeNot Miranda BN/RN/AX/AXJ/NF/CGC (F) 6/25/2007
BISS GR CHB CH/CAN CH TouchMeNot’s Thunder & Contention SD/WPD (M) 6/25/2007
AM/CAN CH TouchMeNot’s Parson Tolby SDX/WPD (M) 6/25/2007

Dam: AM/CAN CH Trepak’s No Two Alike O’Avadar 
Am GR CH/Can CH Trepak N’Avadar Quintessential Q  (M) 5/15/2009
GR CH Trepak’s Quidditch Player  (M) 5/15/2009

Dam: CH Whisper Of The Midnight Sun 
 Monte Carlo Of The Midnight Sun  (M) 12/22/2010

Dam: BISS AM/CAN CH Yukonwind’s Star Of Highlander AOM
IT CH Highlander’s Double Down  (M) 11/21/2004
CH Highlander’s River Card O’Ruskai  (M) 11/21/2004
AM/CAN CH Highlander’s Follow Yr Dream  (F) 11/21/2004

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