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 Northridge’s Phoneix Of Elmira 
Male Siberian Husky 


Dam:  Aspens Blue Onyx 
 Sassy Siberians Katona  (F) 4/22/2017
 Sassy Siberians Baileys Indica  (F) 4/22/2017

Dam:  Blue Glacier’s Luna Mist 
 Silvermoon’s Onyx Of The Midnite Sun  (F) 3/14/2012

Dam:  Brians Arctic Gypsy Star 
 Polar Eclipse’s Nyx, Dark Star of Phoenix  (F)
 July’s Dream Aiyana Yamka  (F)

Dam:  Dakota Lee’s Shine 
 Keava  (F) 1/24/2016

Dam:  Howling North’s Coda Bear 
 Arctic Spirit’s Ranger  (M)
 Arctic Spirit’s Rager  (M)

Dam:  Jezebel Rose Dickens 
 Amore’s Thor  (M) 1/20/2014
 Maya Of Phoenix 2014  (F) 1/20/2014
 Maya Of Phoneix  (F) 1/20/2014
 Khalani  (F) 4/29/2016

Dam:  Polar Eclipse Black Diamond 
 Two Feathers Little Wolf  (M) 11/14/2015
 Sassy Siberians Lila  (F) 8/11/2017

Dam:  Polar Eclipse Blue Eye Girl Sakari 
 XK Midnight Ryzu  (M) 12/3/2014
 Ozzie XIII  (M) 12/3/2014
 Kylo III  (M) 11/24/2015

Dam:  Polar Eclipse Midnight Blue 
 Princess Zaria Flower of the Dawn  (F) 8/21/2015
 Sassy Siberians Vivacious Vada  (F) 1/23/2018
 Polar Eclipse Oracle of the Sabre  (M) 1/23/2018

Dam:  Polar Eclipse Vyani Race To The Shadows 
 Echo Lemm  (F) 11/10/2016
 Polar Eclipse Blue Shadows Of Kozmo  (M) 11/10/2016

Dam:  Sasha Nikhole 
 The Brave One "Keena"  (F)
 Lucy Green  (F) 6/15/2011
 Silvermoon’s Sweet Coco Bliss  (F) 11/17/2012
 Maia VIII  (F) 11/17/2012
 Willow XXXIII  (F) 11/17/2012

Dam:  Willow Faith 
 Polar Eclipse Princess Nahvie  (F)

Compiled from PawVillage records on 1/23/2019


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