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 Windswift Khamsi 
Male Saluki  


Dam:  El Baz Vanda Sur-Ra SM 
 Sur-Ra Jaad Ishtar ElBaz Rataki SM  (F) 6/13/1993
 Sur-Ra Jaad Hajj Ibn Khamsi  (M) 6/15/1993
 Sur-Ra Jaad Sahara El Baz  (F) 6/15/1993
 Sur-Ra Jaad Ishtan Elbaz SM  (M) 6/15/1993
 Sur-Ra Jaad Isis El Baz (SM)  (F) 6/15/1993

Dam: Am Can CH Sur-Ra Cythera Kahtahdin LCMV1, Can FCh
 Sur-Ra Veh Rasheed  (M) 1/18/1986
 Sur-Ra Veh Saeeda Bint Mecca  (F) 1/18/1986
 Sur-Ra Veh Saed Shai Meskhenet JC (M) 1/18/1986
 Sur-Ra Veh Ahmar Muyamman  (M) 1/18/1986

Dam: CH Sur-Ra Mumtaz Dajna 
 Sur-Ra Ansata Circe  (F) 5/19/1987
 Sur-Ra Ansata Ceria  (M) 5/19/1987
 Sur-Ra Ansata Cirrus  (M) 5/19/1987
 Sur-Ra Ansata Maleeha  (F) 5/19/1987
 Sur-Ra Ansata Ilya Abah Har  (F) 5/19/1987

Dam:  Sur-Ra Pana Kismet 
 Sur-Ra Catal Wazir  (M) 11/14/1988
CH Sur-Ra Catal Caliph SC FCh (M) 11/14/1988
 Sur-Ra Catal Sarada  (F) 11/14/1988
 Sur-Ra Catal Rashiiq Li Sini  (M) 11/14/1988
 Sur-Ra Catal Omar  (M) 11/14/1988
 Sur-Ra Catal Nazura Kismet FCh, SC (F) 11/14/1988
 Sur-Ra Catal Dahabi  (F) 11/14/1988

Compiled from PawVillage records on 10/20/2017


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