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Can CH Rodsden’s Lindenwood Lamia Am/Can CDX, BH, RO-11166G24F
Female Rottweiler 


Sire: Can CH Birch Hill’s Checkmate Mikon Can CDX, RO-72548E
 Nordike Drivin’ Ms Daisy CDX (F) 10/8/1990
 Nordike’s Hans v Katsdomino  (M) 10/8/1990
 Nordike Drill Instructor  (M) 10/8/1990
Am ptd Nordike Daddy’s Girl Dani CD, TT, CGC (M) 10/8/1990

Sire:  Casanova v.d. Angileigha TT, RO-24754G24M
Can ptd Nordike Faila v Angileigha CGC, TT HD (F) 11/19/1991
 Nordike’s Flying Jib  (M) 11/19/1991
 Nordike Faro Of Sojourn  (M) 11/19/1991

Sire: Am/Can CH Gentle Thor Of Kinderfox 
 Nordike Alexa Kola Vonputches  (F) 8/22/1991

Sire: Am/Can CH Gruppstark’s Alex v Bastille Am/Can CDX SchH I HC
 Nordike Baretta Gruppstark CD (F)
Am CH Nordike Breanna Gruppstark Am/Can CDX TT TDI BH (F) 2/16/1989
 Nordike Bethoven v Gruppstark  (M) 2/16/1989
 Nordike Briez v Gruppstark CD, TT (F) 2/16/1989
 Nordike’s Boswel-v-Gruppstark CD (M) 2/16/1989
Am/Can CH Nordike’s Brinka v Gruppstark Am/Can CDX, BH, TT, HIC, CGC, TDI, B, (F) 2/16/1989
 Nordikes Bridgette v Gruppstark  (F) 3/16/1989
 Nordike Capital Gains  (M) 3/22/1990
 Nordike Cassius Clay Grupp  (M) 3/22/1990
 Nordike Credit Doctors Oscar  (M) 3/22/1990
 Nordike Count On Me v Grupp  (M) 3/22/1990
 Nordike Caesar V Gruppstark’s TT (M) 3/22/1990
 Nordikes C E O von Tuf N Nuf  (F) 3/22/1990

Sire:  Scharf Elko von Regenbogen Am/Can CDX, BH, HIC,RO-10151
 Nordike Athor v Lindenwood  (M) 6/27/1988
AKC ptd Nordike Andion v Lindenwood  (M) 6/27/1988
 Nordike Atlas V Lindenwood  (M) 6/27/1988
 Nordike Attila V Lindenwood  (M) 6/27/1988
 Nordike’s Aluca V Lindenwood  (F) 6/27/1988
BISS AM/CAN CH Nordike Aluger Lindenwood TT (M) 6/27/1988
 Nordike Aurora v Lindenwood  (F) 6/27/1988
Am & Can CH Nordike Howitzer v Scharf  (M) 6/7/1992
 Nordike Haly’s Comet Hemlock  (F) 6/7/1992
 Nordike Die Nummero Eins  (M) 9/12/1993

Compiled from PawVillage records on 11/20/2018


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