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CH Eis Haus Guilty As Sin 
Female Rottweiler 


Full Siblings
 Eis Haus Guilty N Lovin It v Camelot  (M)
 Eis Haus Guilty As Charged  (F)

Half Siblings from Sire
Multi-BISS V-rated Am/Can CH Apollonia Anything Goes CS TT TDI CGC (M)
AKC Maj Pt'd Apollonia a Whole Lotta Rosie TT, CGC, RTD, HIC (F)
CH, Westm'tr AOM Apollonia Atomic Punk  (M)
 Apollonia After Midnight  (M)
SG-1 NATIONAL Youth Siegerin Am/Can/UCI Int CH Kando’s Acquire the Fire CD, CGC (F)
 Kando’s Askin’ for Trouble  (M)
AMER. CH Kando’s Ambush v Sirgard TT (M)
AM/UCI INT'L CH Kandos Andrea of Aken CD, CGC, TT (F)
Am/ UCI Int CH Kando’s Awesome Sight to See  (M)
 Eis Haus’s Voodoo RN, OA, AXJ, NJP, CGC (F)
 Abraxus Viousious’  (F)
 Beartrack’s Lady Colt  (F)
 Creoaks True Grit of Misjef  (F)
 Creoaks Lasting Impact  (F)
 Creoaks Carbon Copy  (F)
 Creoaks Extreme Impact  (M)
 Creoaks Major Impact  (M)
 Creoaks Pinnacle Serena  (F)
 Tylaur’s Aragon King of Gondor  (M)
 Chellen’s Daiquiri Myst  (F)
CH Chellen’s Dewars On The Rocks RN (M)
 Chellen’s Dauntless Impact  (M)
 Chellen’s Dare To Dream OA, AXJ, OF, NAP, NJP, RA, HT, PT, JHD,CGC (F)
 Chellen’s Destiny Revisited  (F)
 Jazz’ Here come the Whistle Man  (M)
 Jazz’ Soul Serenade  (F)
 Eis Haus Kaylee von Wunder  (F)
 Redfield’s Solo Flight  (M)
2012 RCC BISS, 2010 NRCC BISS, Select , GCh. Bali Hai’s Bet’In On Me Am/Can CDX CGN HIC , 2010 RCC Hall of FameT (M)
 Bali Hai Black Dragon  (M)
Amer CH Saalbach’s Lasting Impression  (M)
 Gatekeepers El Rey  (M)
 Apollonia’s Simply Irresistible  (F)
 Eis Haus Dirty Martini  (F)
 Tagar’s I’m Simply Irresistible  (F)
Am CH Tagar’s I’Ve Got What It Takes Am CDX Am RE (F)
Am CH Tagar’s I Vant It All CD,RE (F)
CH Tagar’s Ikon Do It All UD RAE (M)
Multi V- 1 USRC Select BISS Am/Can CH Esmonds Quite Audacious RN, TT, HIC, CGC, TDI (M)
CH Esmonds Quidado Thor  (M)
 Esmonds Que Sera Sera  (F)
BISS Can CH Esmonds Qruzin’ for a Bruzin’ RN, AD, TT, HIC, CGN (M)
 Esmonds Quarterback Thunder  (M)
CH Esmonds Quality Brew  (M)
 Esmonds Quantum Leap HIC, CGN (M)
 Esmonds Quite the Ride  (M)
CH High Desert Lady of the Evening CGC,TT,HT (F)
 High Desert Bordello Boy  (M)
 Eis Haus Easy Money  (F)
 Eis Haus Easy Breeze of Colby  (F)
CH Eis Haus Easy On The Eyes BH, RN (M)
 Eis Haus Easy Draw CGC (M)
 Eis Haus Easy Does It Of Kando  (F)
Amer CH Exodus Full Figured Gal  (F)
Multiple V-1 CH Exodus Heart Of A Patriot UD CGC BH HIC TD (M)
 Exodus Wild Blue Yonder  (M)
 Jero’s Mo’ Xuberance CD, RN (F)
 Jero’s Uberschallknall  (M)
 Jero’s One Mo Jo-Girl CD, RE, PT, HT, JHD (F)
CH Jero’s One Mo’ Sudden Cye RN, CGC (F)
CH Jero’s Mo’ Impact BN, RE, PT, HT, CGC, TDI, TT (M)
AKC ptd Jero’s MoJo Lly Jackson RA, PT, HT (F)
Am Ch Abraxus Virginia King Ridge  (F)
 Wllslands Braddock V Huntington  (M)
AKC CH Wellslands Secret Of Eis Haus CGC, TT (F)
CH Wllslands Smolderin Roo RN (F)
CH Wllslands Maysa Titos Lady  (F)
CH Wllslands Izzabella Lace RN (F)
 Galwood Becaus’ Bunnee Said So  (F)
GCH. Tagar von Benja’s Moose Trax CD, RAE, CA, CGCA, TDIA (M)
CH. Tagar von Benja’s Moo La La CD, CDX, GN, BN, RA, CGC (F)
 Tagar V Benja My Quean Sara  (F)
 Galwoods B’Cause I’m Able  (M)
 Galwoods B’Cause I’m Caine  (M)
Maj Ptd Rudez Danc’n in the Dark CD, RA, CGC (F)
 Rudez Down in History v Esmond THD, CGCA, HIC (F)
 Cammcastle’s Quite The Charm V Eis Haus  (F)
 Cammcastle’s Quiet Storm Of Eis Haus  (M)
GCH Cammcastle’s Quake of Eis Haus CGC (M)

Compiled from PawVillage records on 2/28/2020


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