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Am GCH Broadcreek’s Somewhere Over the Rainbow CA, TKN
Female Belgian Malinois 


Full Siblings
 (Broadcreek’s) Baron  (M)
 Broadcreek’s Annabelle Athena  (F)
 Broadcreek’s Guns and Roses AKC mjr ptd (M)
 Broadcreek’s Abigail  (F)
 Broadcreek’s Niko Toscani  (M)
 Broadcreek’s Sammie Girl  (F)
Am GCH Broadcreek’s You Were Meant For Me CA (F)
 Broadcreek’s Stargazers Chance  (M)
 Broadcreek’s Odin  (M)
 Broadcreek’s Dance Until Dawn  (F)

Half Siblings from Sire
 Broadcreek’s Jax Devereux  (M)
 Broadcreek’s Turbo CGCA (M)
 Broadcreek’s Diesel  (M)
 Broadcreek’s Mika Khaleesi  (F)
 Broadcreek’s Isabella  (F)
 Carolyn’s & Michael’s Little Masked Sweet Pea  (M)
Am CH Broadcreek’s Rock and Roll  (M)
 Broadcreek’s Bocephus  (M)
 Broadcreek’s Majestic Uzi  (M)
 Slash K9 Van Hailee  (F)
 Broadcreek’s Abbey Gail  (F)
Am CH Broadcreek’s Joint Venture  (F)
Am GCHB Broadcreek’s What Wuz I Thinkin’  (F)
 Broadcreek’s Buried Secrets of Gothika AKC ptd (F)
 Broadcreek’s Aurelia Cotta  (F)
 Broadcreek’s Brunello "Bruno" Savio Importers  (M)
 Broadcreek’s Fergus Feeney  (M)
 Broadcreek’s Highland Traveler  (M)
 Broadcreek’s Epicure RN, AKC ptd (M)
 Broadcreek’s Maverick  (M)
 Broadcreek’s Simon Says  (M)
 Broadcreek’s Kairos  (M)
 Broadcreek’s Cameo OAJ (F)
Am GCH Broadcreek’s Chasing the Legend CD, PCD, BN, RN, RATS, CGCA (F)
Am CH Broadcreek’s Remy  (M)
Am CH Broadcreek’s All the Bells and Whistles  (F)
 Lynnhaven’s Digger of Broadcreek  (F)
 Lynnhaven’s Colt of Arms of Broadcreek  (M)
 Lynnhaven’s Trick-Trick of Broadcreek  (M)
 Lynnhaven’s Khal Drogo of Broadcreek  (M)
BIS, Am GCHS, IABCA & UKC CH Lynnhaven’s Joker’s Wild of Broadcreek DN, DS, BCAT (M)
 Lynnhaven’s Gem of Broadcreek CGCA (F)
 Broadcreek’s Nothing But Trouble  (M)
 Broadcreek’s Scooby Doo Pupillo  (M)
 Broadcreek’s Big Bopper CD, BN, RE, CGC (M)
 Broadcreek’s Athena of the Atlantic  (F)
 Thor V (AKC DN40828304)  (M)
 Broadcreek’s Commander In Chief Niko  (M)
Am CH Broadcreek’s Ginger Stock  (F)
 Broadcreek’s Supersonic Sadie  (F)
 Broadcreek’s Buddy II  (F)
Am GCH Broadcreek’s I Want to Believe  (F)
 Broadcreek’s Zailey Starr  (F)
Am CH Broadcreek’s Stargazer’s Apollo TKN (M)
 Broadcreek’s Goddess of Beauty Love War  (F)
 Broadcreek’s Koda  (F)
 Broadcreek’s Athena II CGC (F)
 Flying Dutchman  (M)
BIS, Am GCHG Broadcreek’s Hurricane RN, TT, CGC (M)
 Broadcreek’s Nick of Time AKC ptd (M)
 Broadcreek’s Her Majesty of Kyro  (M)
 Broadcreek’s Her Majesty  (F)
 Shiyah (AKC DN46616010)  (M)
 Broadcreek’s Tubbs Furious Days  (M)
Am GCHS Broadcreek’s Darth Vader of Darste  (M)
Am CH Broadcreek’s I’ve Got Your Six @Dgs  (M)
Am CH Broadcreek’s Across the Universe TKI, CGC (F)
Am CH Broadcreek’s Thunderstruck Alouette  (M)
 Broadcreek’s Jubilant Jolie BN, RN, OAP, AJP, OFP, CA, TKN, AKC ptd (F)
Am GCHS Broadcreek’s In the Sky with Diamonds @ Witzke CA (F)
Am CH Cane (AKC DN48897804)  (M)
 Burr Oak’s Ollivander’s Magic Wand  (M)
 Burr Oak’s Magic Maxwell  (M)
 Burr Oak’s Athena’s Magic Muse CGCA (F)
 Burr Oak’s Piper Magical Charmed  (F)
Am CH Burr Oak’s Magical Incantation  (F)

Half Siblings from Dam
 Broadcreek’s Lucky Lady CGC (F)
 Broadcreek’s Crixus  (M)
 Broadcreek’s Stella AKC mjr ptd (F)

Compiled from PawVillage records on 1/28/2020


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